Cast Urethane Heads

Head Castings - Details

   Professional Quality head castings that you can finish yourself! All the sculpting, mold making, casting and other difficult parts have been done for you.

   Heads are are made from a tough industrial casting urethane that is used a lot in the prototype and special effects industries, as well as by many top figure makers. They are lightweight and strong. Trap door has a tab molded at the bottom and recessed screw hole areas on the sides for securing trap door to the main head assembly. There are corresponding places molded on the inside of the head for the screws to go into (see photos of inside of head below).

Jaw Casting Side

   Jaw unit is professionally cast out of the same high quality material, and is hollow, lightweight and strong. Pivot hole cast in place to match internal pivot flange molded inside head (see photos of inside of head below), taking all of the guess work out of the jaw placement. The pivot hole is just the right size for the brass pivot hardware (included with head casting kit). The jaw casting is in the Marshall style (nice and wide for good visibility on stage). The jaw fits the head casting nicely with very little fitting if any! Pretty much ready to go!!!

    A lot of people feel they could do the rest if they had some of the hard parts done for them. This head casting kit solves that problem!

   The eyes sockets will fit standard ping pong ball size eyes or wood spheres or cast eyeballs 1.5" in diameter (eyes are not included but are available for purchase). Eyeball Info Here. There are small flanges molded on the inside of the head where an eye shelf can be glued in place, if you wish to use that type of arrangement.

   Nicely molded pivot flanges for the jaw are cast on the inside of the head, which have grooves just the right size for the brass rod and brass tubes for the mouth pivot to fit into. This makes a very strong area for the brass rod and tubes to be bonded in place. Jaw axle will be very secure.

Neck Flange

   Bottom of neck has a nicely formed flange on the inside to help facilitate the gluing in of the control stick (opening fits a standard 1 1/4" inch wood dowel). There's plenty of gluing surface area for creating a very strong bond.

   New! We just made the jaw installation about 10 times easier! Now in addition to the correct size brass jaw axle rod (which is already cut to the proper length) we are now including two high precision metal collars to simplify jaw installation! You can now align the jaw from side to side quickly and easily, even if you accidentally glue it in wrong. Easy as it gets! This along with the pre-molded jaw flanges inside the head, make jaw installation a snap! You will not find this on other cast heads. All the head kits now include a quality brass rod, 2 metal collars and 1/16" allen wrench. Instructions for jaw installation included with each head casting kit.

Jaw Open

   The jaw has been designed so that as it is opening part ways, and all the way to where it fully opens, there is very little gap under the chin throughout it's travel. This is a feature found only on more expensive, high quality figures, but has been incorporated into this quality head casting kit.

  • Head is just the right size to make a nice 38" - 40" inch figure!

  • Quality urethane head casting - made to last for a long, long, time!

  • Matching jaw assembly with brass hardware for pivot included!

  • Only minimal sanding and/or patching needed!

  • Cut-outs for eye and mouth openings in head shell already done

  • Trap door with special tab and recessed screw hole areas!

  • Neck flange ready for standard 1 1/4" wood dowel control stick!

  • Jaw practically pops into place (directions included).

  • No sculpting - no molds to make - no difficult casting to do.

  • Facial features can be altered with epoxy modeling compounds.

   Here's what the finished kit can look like all painted up, with eyes, mouth, and wig installed.

Finished Vent Figure

    Please note that head castings DO NOT include paint, eyes, control stick, mechanics, or wig. The photos are provided to show what a figure can look like finished.

Eyes, hands, feet and body are also available for purchase.

   Enjoy the fruits of someone else's hard work, and save yourself the head aches. The amount of time, energy, and materials that you would spend to make your own head casting could far outweigh the relatively low cost of these professional head castings. Buy One Now! and get started on making your own pro style vent figure.

Do it yourself - Dummies!

        See what our customers have done with our cast dummy parts........


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