Professional Ventriloquist Figures

Custom and Repair Work

Professional Figure Maker Mike Brose, builds Custom Figures and does Repair Work as time permits. You can see the quality of Mike's work in the examples below....

Authorized replica of 'Pearl', a Robert McRay 'Bighead'
for noted performer (and figure maker) Greg Claassen

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   Mike Brose is currently the only figure maker who has had the privilege to take part in making an authorized replica of one of the outstanding 'Bighead' figures, originally made by noted figure maker Robert McRay. A quality replica of the head was commissioned to be made from the original 'Pearl' by her owner (noted performer and figure maker), Greg Claassen. Mike was quite honored that Greg trusted only him with his one-of-kind, irreplaceable, 'functional art', the irrepressible 'Pearl'!

   All details were perfectly captured by the quality mold taken from the original figure (Mike has been doing mold making and casting for over 40 years!), including separate upper teeth, lower jaw with full set of teeth and tongue, upper lip, and reproduced in the highest quality, light-weight epoxy fiberglass. All of this was done without removing any of these parts or doing any harm to the original priceless head. This was quite a feat! Not one detail was missed!

   This Pearl replica was carefully hand-painted by Mike Brose to capture the essence of the original, down to the sparkles in the cheek blush and eyelids. The iris of the eyes were also hand painted by Mike. This quality replica was superbly mechanized by Greg Claassen himself (Greg is a top-notch figure maker in his own right).

   In the photos you can see: the original 'Pearl', replica in high quality epoxy fiberglass, inside of fiberglass head and mechanization process, painted head, finished replica ready for performing, Pearl with Greg, close-up of 'Pearl' replica.

Custom work on a one-of-a-kind 'old man leprechaun' figure. . .

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   Custom head for performer Randy Malick. Original sculpt by Randy Malick. RTV mold and fiberglass cast by Mike Brose. Click on photos above to see the detail we can reproduce. Mechanics on this figure are by Brant Gilmer.

Sculpting - Prototype - Finished Figure

   If you can envision it, we can sculpt it and then
transform your idea into a custom one-of-kind figure.

Mike Brose Sculpting
Clay Model
Little E Prototype
Little E Finished Dummy
Finished Figure

Clay Model


Finished Figure

The base construction for our custom figures is fiberglass (with the highest quality epoxy resin). We have one of the most light weight construction methods available (developed exclusively by Mike Brose), and yet the quality, strength and durability is unmatched.

   When ordering a custom fiberglass figure, we also have the capability to make a quality RTV silicone mold at the same time. This serves as an important back-up should anything ever happen to your one-of-a-kind custom creation. This unique option not available from all figure makers.

   We prefer not to put people on a long waiting list, so we periodically cease taking additional orders for custom work to keep that from happening. We currently have all the custom work we can handle.

Professional Repair Work

Buford Dummy Repair Buford Dummy Repair 2 Buford Dummy Repair 3 Buford Dummy Repair 4

Chuck jackson' basswood figure - Impossible repair?!?

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This 'Chuck Jackson' figure, named 'Buford' is a back-up figure for performer Jim Bryson. The control stick was broken in two, and most all of the cast metal levers were broken as well. Quite a mess. An invisible, but very strong repair was made to the control stick (reinforced with hidden metal pins), and new brass levers were custom fabricated, which will now probably never break again. The control stick is also now stronger than when the figure was new. I also did some preventative maintenance inside the head while I was at it.

   Jim had thought for sure that I was going to have to make a new control stick and even said it would be okay if I made a more conventional stick for it. He was mostly concerned with the figure working again. I felt strongly that if I could repair the original control stick, the figure's value would be retained, and I could also keep the costs down for Jim. He was truly amazed that I was able to fix the existing control stick. My only regret is that I didn't get a 'before' picture of the control stick before making the repair! (grin) Mike Brose.

   Professional performer Jim Bryson says.......... "Mike, What can I say, You did a wonderful job. It looks as if it was never broken. Thanks again for what you've done. I not only made a friend, but one with a talent that is Unbelievable.

Thanks again,


P.S. Buford said he had a great time."

Jack Coats Figure Repair Jack Coats Figure Repair 2 Jack Coats Figure Repair 3
'Jack Coats' basswood figure - Before and After!

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This 'Jack Coats' figure made back in 1972 was showing some definite signs of wear (see 'before' photo above). Head and hands were meticulously repainted to match Jack's unique style.    Figure also needed repair to his eye mechanism, a new wig, and a custom wood-frame body constructed just for this figure to help keep it authentic.    Professional performer Kenny Warren says.......... "The figure looks and operates as if Jack just made it! Awesome work! No doubt your efforts must give you a great deal of personal as well as professional satisfaction! Exceptionally fine craftsmanship and skill involved with the restoration of my 1972 Jack Coats figure. The result was absolutely stunning! It truly looks as if my friend the late Jack Coats built it yesterday!"

We are currently not taking on any additional repair or custom work, as we have all the projects we can handle at the present time.

Dastardly Dan Ventriloquist Dummy
Ventriloquist Figures New

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