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Pro Ventriloquist Figures

Professional Ventriloquist Figures made by Figure Maker Mike Brose are of top quality and are made to last! The high quality standards put into each and every figure and character appeal are the reasons you rarely see them for sale on auction sites or elsewhere.

Owners tend to hang on to a figure made by Mike Brose.

Quality Pro Ventriloquist Dummies

    This is Skippy, who is Sparky's younger brother. He's a character alright. No two ways about it. Get him on stage with you and you will have a head start on a great act.

Skippy Ventriloquist FigureSkippy Ventriloquist DummySkippy Ventriloquist Puppet
Sparky's younger brother 'Skippy'

Smart Aleck boy 'Sparky'

 Added to our High Quality figure line in November 2012, is 'Sparky'. He's a bit of a Smart Aleck, but can be quite adorable and charming at the same time! He's definitely full of personality.

    Our professional ventriloquist figures feature top quality construction and artistry. All figures are meticulously hand fabricated, painted and mechanized by Mike Brose.

Breadline Bud Ventriloquist DummyBreadline Bud Ventriloquist FigureBreadline Bud Ventriloquist Puppet
Needs just a little help 'Breadline Bud'

Ember Ventriloquist FigureEmber Ventriloquist DummyEmber Ventriloquist Figure
Adorable little girl 'Ember'

  Our figures are not mass produced, nor are they toy figures. They are full fledged professional quality figures, hand made in our shop, and are 38 inch full size figures.

    Only the finest materials are used in the construction of our professional ventriloquist figures. Our controls are ergonomically sound, are smooth and easy to use.

Dastardly Dan Ventriloquist FigureDastardly Dan Ventriloquist DummyDastardly Dan Ventriloquist Puppet
He's an Evil Genius 'Dastardly Dan'

Fred Ventriloquist FigureFred Ventriloquist DummyFred Ventriloquist Puppet
Classic 'cheeky boy' 'Fred'

    The attention to detail is very evident in each of our hand- made professional ventriloquist figures. Quality is very important to us, as is customer service, and customer satisfaction.

    The comment that we hear over and over again after our customers have received their 'high quality' figure and see them in person is, "even better than I expected!"

O.G. Hargrove Ventrioquist FigureO.G. Hargrove Ventrioquist DummyO.G. Hargrove Ventrioquist Puppet
Affable old gentleman - 'O.G. Hargrove'

Eddie Ventriloquist Figure
Eddie Ventriloquist Dummy Movie
Movie Clip
Eddie Ventriloquist Puppet

    The attention to detail is very evident in each of our hand- made professional ventriloquist figures. Quality is very important to us, as is customer service, and customer satisfaction.

Cute little wise guy 'Eddie'

High Quality Dummy Eyes

   Our 'High Quality' custom eyes are standard on all of our Finished Figures. You can select any one of the nine dazzling colors when you order your figure.

Dazzling Eye Colors   Red Brown Eyes

'Click' on photos above to enlarge

Keep in mind that sometimes computer monitors alter what you see color wise. If the eye colors don't look absolutely beautiful on your screen, that may be why. If you're having trouble seeing them accurately, you might try printing out the color chart.

Our Figures Feature....

  • 38" professional size ventriloquist figure
  • Beautifully sculpted faces with great audience appeal
  • High quality self-centering side-to-side moving eyes
  • 9 Dazzling colors to choose from color chart
  • Headstick features ergonomically placed controls - easy to use!
  • Beautifully hand painted with subtle blending of highlights
  • Looks good from close up or far away
  • Professionally sewn arms and legs - quality elbow and knee joints
  • Light weight, contoured cast body (very roomy inside!)
  • Smooth ball and socket neck action
  • Head turns from side to side - tilts and nods - turns full 360°
  • Quality wig
  • Head, hands, body - are all cast of extremely durable urethane resin
  • High quality, unique head lock system. Easy to use!

Additional Info....

   Each figure is meticulously hand crafted in our shop and built to order. Painstaking attention to detail is very evident in all aspects of the finely finished figures we make. From head to toe, it is very obvious that we care about the quality of each and every figure that leaves our shop.

   These are not mass produced or beginning figures, but rather full fledged professional quality figures, hand made in our shop. We consider each figure a work of art, as no two figures are exactly alike. Each figure is individually hand crafted.

   We do not 'out-source' any part of the building process on our figures. All figures are hand built by Mike Brose, who is assisted by his talented wife Catherine. That way we have full control over the hand crafted quality of each figure made.

   We are very confident that you will not find figures of this quality and level of craftsmanship at this price anywhere else!

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