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Kit Ventriloquist Figures

Here's what our Pro Vent Figure
Cast Parts customers have to say....

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    Here's some more finished figures that our customer's completed using the Pro Vent Figure Head Casting, cast eyeballs, hand and feet castings, cast body and using the information in the book 'Figure Making Can Be Fun?!?'......................

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Fred goes to Hollywood!


Fred stars in a recent Sprint commercial

   This Fred was assembled by the special effects experts at 'The Character Shop' who does many high tech animatronic special effects for commercials and movies.

   Rick Lazzarini says. . . Most of the movements were radio controlled: Head turn, torso turn, jaw, eyes side/side, blinks, and brow moves. These moves were split up among two transmitters and puppeteers. A third person operated the cable-controlled body up/down, and a fourth did arm/hand movements via rod control.

   So, thank you for producing such a high quality product, and being so quick and helpful. I now have my own pro style vent figure! (Don't worry, I didn't re-sell the modified figure to them; I own it.)

   Thanks again for everything!

   Rick Lazzarini - President, The Character Shop

To see more info on this project click here........


To see a clip of the commercial click here........


Finished figure by James Yonkman


James Yonkman's 'Chester'

   James Yonkman says. . . Thanks for the kind words about Chester, by the way, he says "hi". He and I are getting along famously! He's a great fit with my other characters. I couldn't have done it without the help of your wonderful book. He has moving jaw, side to side self-centering eyes, raising and lowering eyebrows, and a spitter. (Caught one of my buddies right in the face with it the other day, talk about surprised!) Thanks again! James Yonkman.

Finished figure by Isidoro Golman


Isidoro Golman's 'Andrés'

   Isidoro Golman says. . . My friend Mike, I send you some photos of the Doll that I made with your Kit. (His) name is Andrés and for me it is a wonder Personage. As you can see is not painted, I have covered it with a weave similar to the skin of a peach. You can see it in www.lanzadera.com/isidorogolman. Thanks again Mike,
Best wishes, Isidoro Golman (Spain). Excuse me for my English.

Finished figure by Grzegorz Rybacki


Grzegorz Rybacki's 'Tommy'


Finished figure by David Canada


David Canada's - Joey Forest

   David Canada says. . . Dear Mike, Just wanted to let you know, my vent figure finally has a name. Took a week, but he sort of told me after he began to talk. He is Joey Forest. He's a wonderful little guy -- happy all the time. Thanks again. I'm not experienced with tools but with some instruction from my wife, your book and (web) instructions, and the material Al Stevens has on his website the project was lots of fun. I also believe that building Joey gave me a lot of insight into the mechanics of ventriloquism that are helping me in my practice of the art. Your product is great and you have been very kind and helpful.


    David Canada

Finished figure by Brian Tiernan


Figure by Brian Tiernan   Brian Tiernan's finished figure
Brian Tiernan's 'Jerry O'Toole'

   Brian Tiernan says..... Finally finished my kit a couple of months ago. I learned so much from this project I can't begin to tell you. The construction of the figure was one area of learning. More important to me was the mental focus and creative outlet your kit provided me. Your products are really wonderful and have helped me create something I've thought about for a long, long, time. From my communications with you I can tell that you are one quality individual and I would not hesitate to business with you again. Thank you. Regards, Brian Tiernan

Finished figure by Professor Gerry Snelson


Figure by Proffesor Snelson Two Snelson figures Snelson figure - new wig
'Ace' By Gerry Snelson
Other figure in middle photo.......
- original creation by Gerry Snelson -

   Professor Snelson writes...... I was delighted with the kit from the moment I opened the box. All of the things that I struggle with in figure making were done for me, and all the things I enjoy the most--setting up smooth eye movements and internal mechanics, painting, and wigging --were left for me to do. I was amazed at the fit and finish of the kit and at the fact that I never had to go back and do any operation over again. My new figure's head was finished in a weekend of spare-time fun. I used a ratty old wig that a church-member friend gave me, and even though it had been sort of burned on the front, it looks pretty good on this easy-to-live-with head. (he got a new wig recently however; see photo at right) Thanks for your good work. Gerry

Finished figure by Don Roberts


Don Roberts' 'Sylvester'

   Don Roberts says. . . Hi Mike, Attached are photos of Sylvester, and yes you may use them on your web site if you wish. Here's a construction note I'd like to pass on: When I finished the mouth movement, there was noticeable "clicking" when the jaw closed and met the upper lip. So I attached a row of teeth to the inside of the upper lip. The teeth were cut from a sheet of white foam, available from Wal-Mart. This serves as a damper when the mouth closes and it eliminates the clicking sound. I designed the mechanics of the eyes and mouth to be easy to remove if needed for repair. The head stick is attached with a set screw so it can be removed also. The wig was ordered from Beauty Trends ( www.beautytrends.com). It's a size: small, Revlon wig, and fit perfectly without any cutting or altering. Beauty Trends sells high quality wigs, and they have seasonal and clearance sales. The one I ordered was regular $75.00, on sale for $24.95. Best regards, Don

Finished Figures by Al Stevens.....

Al Stevens' Fred   Al Steven' Jayjay figure
See the making of this
figure by clicking here

   Figure maker 'Al Stevens', liked the kits so well that he has created a web site showing step-by-step, the building of a figure from the all cast parts that we sell. There are many good ideas and numerous photos throughout the pages of Al's web site. Many thanks to Al for all his time and hard work and making this resource available to others. To see Al's spin on assembling and finishing the cast parts, click here!

Finished figure by Clinton Detweiler


'Before and After' by Clinton Detweiler

   Clinton Detweiler says. . . What a difference a couple coats of paint makes! I just finished painting this figure made by Al Stevens from a Brose kit. He turned out to be such a handsome character, I thought I would share a couple pictures with you. I see these dramatic changes take place in my shop on an almost daily basis but seldom take time to snap photos. This time I did. Thank you for letting me share. And now, I’m going back to my shop where more ventriloquist "patients" eagerly await their own application of brush and paint.

Mike Brose says...... be sure and check out Clinton's 'Newsy Vents' blog spot Newsy Vents Blog Spot for daily ventriloquist news and more!

Finished figure by Tom Rogers


Tom Rogers' Willy 'Willy' and Tom
'Willy' and Tom Rogers

   Tom Rogers says. . . Enclosed are some photos of "Willy", a figure I constructed using head and hand casting kits I purchased from you. Willy turned out very well as you can see. I am so pleased with him that he currently is the only hard figure I use. Your kits are terrific. I was immediately attracted to the great "Frank Marshall" type of face you created, and I was determined to build one from the minute I saw it on your web-site. The whole project was easier to do than I imagined. You had already done all the hard work. The mouth and mechanics were easily installed. I see you are adding to your line of products. We out here in Ventriloquial-land appreciate it.
Thanks. Tom Rogers

Finished figure by Bob Jolley


Bob Jolley's figure 'Dino' Bob Jolley's 'Dino' close-up
Bob Jolley's figure 'Dino'

   Bob Jolley says. . . As promised a few months ago I have finally included a picture of your figurehead kit that I call Dino. I finished his head, and Conrad Hartz created the body. I tried my best to make him appear to look like one of Frank Marshalls's figures. He wears a size 4T tuxedo and tails. Thanks for selling me this kit, and giving me the opportunity to make a dream come true by creating my own figure. Sincerely, Bob Jolley

Finished figure by Mike Randall


Mike Randall's finished figure   Mike Randall's Andy
Mike Randall's 'Andy'

   Mike Randall says..... Here he is! Meet Andy! Since I finished Andy the other day, my son Adam has not been able to put him down! He's proven to be a great addition to the family! Thank you Mike for putting out a product that has helped me make my childhood dream come true. Since I was a kid I wanted to build a dummy! Now I have. Thank you, thank you thank you! What fun!!! Looking forward to building dummy #2!
Warmest Regards, Mike Randall

Finished figure by Edwin McDonald


Edwin McDonalds' Wilton   Wilton
Edwin McDonald's 'Wilton'

   Edwin McDonald says..... Thanks again for the fine products which enabled me to have such a fine vent figure. The figure's name is Wilton, named after a co-worker who shaves his head. I had told him that I would name my figure after him because at the time - Wilton had not recieved his wig yet and he reminded me of my friend and co-worker. Thanks again! Edwin McDonald

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