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Cast Ventriloquist Dummy Parts

If you are looking for the highest quality cast heads, hands, feet, eyes and bodies, you've found the right place. These cast dummy parts are made by a full time figure maker, who also happens to have over 40 years experience with mold making, casting and fabrication work. From the feedback that we get, we know that our unique processes create dummy parts that are unmatched in durability and quality that you can see.

Mike Brose (owner of Puppets and Props) has been providing dummy parts since 1993 and was the first to provide high quality urethane castings to hobbyists and pro builders alike. We have sold quality parts to over 40 different countries world wide and have regular customers in many parts of the world.

Cast Dummy Heads

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Cast Dummy Hands

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Cast Dummy Eyes

Winkers and Eye Trays

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Cast Dummy Bodies

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Cast Dummy Feet

Stuffed Legs

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