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Whatever you like to call them . . .   Ventriloquist Figures, Ventriloquist Dummies, or Ventriloquist Puppets, figure maker Mike Brose makes some nice ones! 

These Pro Figures are of top quality and are made to last! The high quality standards put into each and every figure, and character appeal, are the reasons you rarely see them for sale on auction sites or elsewhere.  

Customers hang on to them!


“Mike just wanted to let you know that Sparky arrived home safely about two hours ago.  Sparky likes to volunteer when he has time. Sparky is great and exceeded my expectations!”   Al Govero

Mike Brose is one of the few figure makers who actually makes his living full time building these unique creations. He is known for his honesty, integrity, and quality standards. Mike has been hand building high quality ventriloquist figures for nearly 20 years and has customers in more than 30 different countries throughout the world.

Mike Brose is a bit of a renaissance man and does it all himself. He does the design work, sculpting, mold making, casting, mechanizing and painting work. He has also, behind the scenes, assisted and consulted with many of the well known names in the industry, and has helped them get to where they are today. Mike has generously shared his knowledge over the course of many years.

A figure by Mike Brose is built to last. It is exceedingly rare that one of Mike’s figures will come back in for repair. They are made so well that they function nicely for many years. His figures have very smooth mechanics that hold up exceedingly well over time. 

Mike Brose Pro Figures

Find out more about Mike’s high quality professional ventriloquist figures!

Cast Dummy Parts

Want to build you own professional style ventriloquist figure? Not sure how to get started? Our quality cast dummy parts will assist you to do that. Character design, sculpting, quality molds and casting work are things most beginning figure makers aren’t ready to take on just yet. We’ve done all of that for you! 

This is a huge head start to help you get your first pro figure created. You can get started building your own full size professional ventriloquist figure without having to worry about how to sculpt, make a mold or how to make a quality casting to work from. 

You can always learn these things later, but it is much easier to learn if you have already seen first hand what quality cast dummy parts look like. Then you know what you are shooting for, as these parts are made by a very successful full time pro figure maker. 


Cast Dummy Parts Info

Find out more about Mike’s high quality Cast Ventriloquist Dummy Parts!

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