A special story goes with this figure…

A special story about a very special young man

When I make figures for various customers, I don’t always know what will happen with the figure I’m sending out, if it will be used for performance, for fun, or in some special situations……., a noble purpose. As this particular Sparky was on my workbench, staring back at me:

I got a very warm, fuzzy feeling, as I knew exactly where he was going and how he was going to be used. It was a pretty heart warming story, even ‘before‘ this cute little guy was on his was to his new home. There’s a brave young man, fighting some very serious illnesses. Instead of feeling sorry for himself, he decided he wanted to try to help other young ones who have these illnesses.

For me this was a very heartwarming and encouraging story, and was honored to have had even a small part in this. You can read more of Brent’s story here:by clicking on the link below:

My wife and I were very touched by the courage of this young man, and we certainly wish Brent the best of success in this noble endeavor. If you want to brighten your day and put a smile on your face, please take the time to read Brent’s story by clicking on the above link.

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