Another figure goes down under…..

I am always amazed at how many far away places we send figures to (somewhere between 40-45 different countries over the many years we’ve been doing this). We get to know people from all over the globe. Australia has quite a few of our figures now (and kits too!). We got a nice note and some photos from some new customers ‘down under’. Here’s what they said:

“G’day, Mike and Catherine, well after a long but exciting wait, Sparky has finally arrived in Victoria, Australia, after his long journey from Arizona and he is in good shape, all working perfectly and actually speaking with an Ozzie accent “mate”, it is amazing how you made that happen.

I would just like to say thanks for getting Sparky ready for me and Jacinta, as this was a birthday present from Jacinta to me, and she actually made me up a birthday card with Sparky’s photo to give me on the day. Jacinta is very happy also with how he looks and moves, etc. I will get some sneakers for him and maybe a check shirt half open an the neck to make him look like a trendy kid about town but with a bit of attitude!!

I have enclosed a couple of photos for you to see how happy he is in his new home in Oz and how well we are getting along together, you will also see he has a new friend here “Bucko” who is getting a bit of wear and tear on him now, still fairly cheeky and needs a bit of a refresh of colour on his face, and I was wondering what paint or product you could recommend for me to give him a bit of a make over ???? I would appreciate your suggestions.

Are there any other Sparky’s in Australia that you know of ?
Anyway guys, thanks again and please respond to this email, and we will keep in touch, we may come and visit when we are next in the US ?”

Cheers Eric and Jacinta

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4 thoughts on “Another figure goes down under…..”

  1. Another Sparky in Australia! He looks a lot bigger than I thought he'd be. Great photos. Soon there will be another Sparky in Australia (hint hint).

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