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Blog migration. . . What?!?  Does that mean we’re going to start seeing a bunch of blogs crossing the road somewhere? Not quite. All it really means is that I’ve been migrating my blog (hosted on Blogger for a number of years; see photo above) over here to my website. 

To be honest, I’ve always found the Blogger interface a bit cumbersome when it comes to creating new blog posts, and that is one of the reasons they were so few and far between as time went on (that and the fact that I’ve also for a time had quite a number of challenges to deal with that have kept me more than a bit occupied). I dreaded creating new blog posts on Blogger. It just shouldn’t be that way and now I know it doesn’t have to be.

I’ve always wanted my blog to be easier to work with, but also I wanted it to be on my website instead of a separate platform. So . . . , long story short, I have slowly but surely been moving all of my old blog posts over to the website here and finally finished doing that. So hopefully that means I can now get back into creating some nice posts of interest on figure making and such.

If you get a chance, please subscribe to the new blog here (there’s a place to do that at the end of each blog post). That will be necessary if you wish to receive notifications of new blog posts here. So take a few seconds and subscribe. Thanks!

O.G. Hargrove says, “Welcome to the new Blog!”

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