Brose Buds Pro Figures


Brose Buds 'Sparky'

    Our ‘Brose Buds’ line of figures are mechanically simplified versions of our standard high quality ventriloquist figures. They feature quality all-cord style mechanics that are well designed, quiet and durable. The ‘Brose Buds’ controls are simple, ergonomically place and easy to use. Note:  ‘Brose Buds’ figures come undressed (they wear standard size 3T clothing).

    ‘Brose Buds’ are full size professional ventriloquist figures. They are 38″ tall and come standard with our high quality eyes, quality wig, moving mouth, side-to-side self-centering eyes, and 360 degree ball and socket neck movement. The above photos show an example of a Brose Buds version of our Sparky character.


Brose Buds figures comparison

    Here are the main differences between our standard high quality figures and our ‘Brose Buds’ line of figures: Our standard high quality figures have brass rod controlled mouth and eyes and have brass control levers. Our Brose Buds figures have cord controlled mouth and eyes and have composite cast control levers. It takes less time to build and the materials cost less, so there is an overall lower cost on the Brose Buds figures that we make.

    Also the Brose Buds line of figure do not have winkers or blinkers (they are only available on our standard high quality ventriloquist figures), so that brings them in at a lower cost as well. Occasionally we will make a Brose Buds figure with raising eyebrows which will bring the price of the figure up accordingly.


Brose Buds Figures Feature

  • 38" professional size ventriloquist figure
  • Beautifully sculpted faces with great audience appeal
  • High quality self-centering side-to-side moving eyes
  • Beautifully hand painted with subtle blending of highlights
  • Looks good from close up or far away
  • Headstick features ergonomically placed controls - easy to use!
  • Professionally sewn arms and legs - quality elbow and knee joints
  • Light weight, contoured cast body (very roomy inside!)
  • Head turns from side to side - tilts and nods - turns full 360°
  • Head, hands, body - cast of extremely durable urethane resin
  • High quality, unique head lock system. Easy to use!

$675 - 'Brose Buds' Base Price

Base Price Includes: moving mouth, side-to-side self-centering eyes, and head turns from side to side – tilts and nods – turns full 360°.

Additional options

  • $175 - Raising Eyebrows (both eyebrows raise for a look of curiosity/surprise)

Current Availability

    Our Brose Buds figures are not made to order. We make them as we have time and the finished ‘Brose Buds’ figures will be posted for sale in our ‘Shop’ for immediate purchase. Click button below to see what we currently have in stock.

Customer Danett Caryer says:

“Eddie is every thing I have ever dreamed of and more, you’ve done a perfect job. He seem’s so real, I love him, you are so blessed to have the talent you have. I just wanted to say THANK YOU!  You made a 50 year old lady’s childhood dream come true and I am sure we will make a lot of people happy together, young and old. Thanks again. You and your wife are wonderful people. Take care and God bless you both! Danett Caryer”

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