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Mike Brose's Cast Dummy Parts

    Top quality Cast Dummy Parts to help you make your own pro ventriloquist figure! Cast from high quality urethane resin same as used by most top figure makers. These are the same exact castings that pro ventriloquist figure maker Mike Brose makes his high quality figures from, so you know they are well made.

    Mike Brose was the first one to come out with quality urethane cast dummy parts for others to build their own figure. Mike has been making these since 1993. Others have tried to copy what he has done, but no one has matched the quality that Mike has achieved through his unique casting process.

    More people have successfully built their own figure with cast parts from Puppets and Props than from any other source, as Mike Brose’s Cast Dummy Parts are the easiest to build a figure from. With over 40 years experience with mold making, casting and fabrication work, Mike’s unique processes create dummy parts that are unmatched in durability and quality that you can see.

Customer Jeff Duckworth says:

“Making a ventriloquist figure using Mike Brose’s Sparky casting was a simple and rewarding experience. The quality and attention to detail surpassed my expectations. The kit is simple enough that a beginner can create a professional figure with a little work, and versatile enough that a experienced builder can customize and make it a totally new work of art. It was an absolute joy to work with and I look forward to future builds using Puppets and Props products. Thanks again, Jeff Duckworth”

    Even if you are planning on learning how to build your own figure from scratch at some point, this is a great way to get started.  It is much easier to learn if you have already seen first hand what quality cast dummy parts look like. Then you know what you are shooting for, as these parts are made by a very successful full time pro figure maker.

    If you see some cast parts that you really like, we would suggest not hesitating in buying them as these awesome cast dummy parts tend to sell out quickly. We have trouble keeping them in stock! Click on button below to see what is currently in stock in our on-line Shop.

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