Cast Ventriloquist Dummy Parts…..

In December of 2012 we had to temporarily halt production of our high quality cast dummy parts. We needed some time to catch up a bit here with our finished figure orders. Since that time we of course have had numerous people contacting us to see when they would be available again. We’ve made some arrangements here, and that time is NOW! Click on link below . . .

You may need to refresh your browser for those pages to show properly. Our cast parts have been helping people build figures since 1993! It has been very gratifying helping so many get started making their own figures. In fact some have gone on to making and selling figures themselves and have done quite well. Some names that might surprise you. I’m just happy to have had a part behind the scenes here.

There have been numerous phone calls, emails, etc., over these years of providing cast parts and instruction on building figures. On occasion that can get to be a bit overwhelming, but all in all, I really do enjoy teaching others as I have the time to do so. Always have enjoyed that part of it.

p.s. my wife Cathy is doing a lot better now. Thanks to all who inquired about her!

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