Epoxy Glass Ventriloquist Dummies Part 2

In the first part of this article (see Epoxy Glass Ventriloquist Dummies Part 1) we first talked about what Epoxy Glass is, its advantages/disadvantages and the when and why it might be used in making a ventriloquist dummy. And as I had mentioned I have built a number of Epoxy Glass figures over the years, and that I was going to show you a few of the projects that I particularly enjoyed being involved with. 

In Part 1 of this article I showed you Randy Malick’s ‘way cool’ Leprechaun figure. If you have not seen that one yet, please go back to ‘Epoxy Glass Ventriloquist Dummies Part 1‘ and check it out. In this part I will show you another fun build I did in Epoxy Glass.

Mr. Nosey Ventriloquist Dummy

A longtime customer (also a longtime friend) whose figures I had serviced for many years, made a special request for an interesting figure build. He wanted me to make a reproduction of a figure in his collection. It originally was a Frank Marshall figure that another figure maker had made a clone of. He wanted me to remake the figure and make several changes:

(1) Recreate the figure without any leather under the chin. Bring him up to the modern standard of a next to gap-less under chin area. (2) Install a ‘spitter’ instead of a ‘crier’. (3) Give him a nicer, more contemporary, warmer looking paint job. And finally, (4) Make nicer looking leather winkers. (5) Doing all of the above without any damage to the original figure!

Here are a few of photos of the figure owned by my customer (it’s a well crafted figure and there are a number of vents that would love to have the figure as is):

A decent quality mold mold was taken directly off of the working figure, and done very carefully so as not to harm the paint, winkers, leather under jaw, or get silicone inside the head, etc. Then a ‘high end’ Epoxy Glass casting of the head was made, which was painted and then fully mechanized. Here’s a few progress photos of the process:

Note: the eyes shown in those 2 photos above were a set of temporary eyes. Like a lot of builders, I will use a pair of eyes I don’t care about during the building process. That way  if they get damaged along the way, no harm done. High quality eyes were installed later as you will see (could be a pun in there somewhere!)

As you look at the photo of the head mold above, it may look like a positive image. If you see that, it is an optical illusion. I can assure you that the mold has a negative cavity on the inside. The head was cast up in ‘high end’ Epoxy Glass. This figure had moving mouth, side-to-side- ‘self-centering’ eyes, blinkers and a spitter per the customer’s request. And now finally, here are some pics of the completed figure.

All of the above mentioned requirements were accomplished, while at the same time casting the head out of ‘high end’ Epoxy Glass. This figure will undoubtedly out live me and its owner!

Mr. Nosey looking dapper

In the final segment of this article (Epoxy Glass Ventriloquist Dummies Part 3) I will show you my all time favorite Epoxy Glass figure building project. I have saved the best for last as they say. 

Please feel free to leave comments and questions in the ‘Comments’ section below.

Stay tuned for Part 3!

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