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Quality. Durability. Reliability. Character appeal.Those are just a few of the words that describe the professional ventriloquist figures created by noted figure maker and top figure building instructor Mike Brose (Mike is the author of two of the best selling books on figure making). 

He is also known for his attention to detail. No figure leaves the workshop unless it meets Mike’s high standard on quality. Many hours go into each and every hand crafted ventriloquist dummy created. Top level figure maker. Innovative mold designs.

A ventriloquist figure by Mike Brose is built to last. It is exceedingly rare that one of Mike’s figures will come back in for repair. They are made so well that they function nicely for many years. His figures have very smooth mechanics that hold up exceedingly well over time. 

Mike Brose is one of the few figure makers who actually makes his living full time building these unique creations. He is known for his honesty, integrity, and quality standards. Mike has been hand building high quality ventriloquist figures since 1999 and has customers in more than 30 different countries throughout the world.


He looks great Mike, thanks so much for your superb craftsmanship. He was definitely worth the wait. I may be pushing 68…, but I feel like a kid in the candy store again!”  Brad Creamer

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O.G. Hargrove

Customer Danett Caryer says:

“Eddie is every thing I have ever dreamed of and more, you’ve done a perfect job. He seem’s so real, I love him, you are so blessed to have the talent you have. I just wanted to say THANK YOU!  You made a 50 year old lady’s childhood dream come true and I am sure we will make a lot of people happy together, young and old. Thanks again. You and your wife are wonderful people. Take care and God bless you both! Danett Caryer”

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