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Book - Figure Making Can Be Fun?!?

    ‘Figure Making Can Be Fun?!?’ 200 pages! Numerous photos & illustrations. Includes: Proportions, Sculpting Models, Plaster Molds, Latex Molds, Silicone Molds, Casting (numerous techniques & materials), Mechanics and Animations, Painting & Body Construction (full dimensions), Wigs, Clothing and much, much, more!

    Figure Making Can Be Fun has been one of the most popular Figure Making Books available, and for good reason. It is jam packed with quality figure making info!

    Detailed information on the art of figure making! Shows more than one way to make molds and castings to produce quality figures. A way to make a figure without molds! Learn how to work with the materials that many top figure makers use. Learn what it takes to make quality mechanics and animations inside the head. This and more has been included inside this one volume. There are numerous photos and quality illustrations along with detailed instructions of each part of the process.


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Figure Making Can Be Fun!

   “I just got my copy of Mike Brose’s fantastic new book on figure making. My original reason for purchasing it was as additional research for my own book (Dummy Days) on Bergen, Lewis, Nelson, Wences and Winchell, but upon looking over it I am inspired to try my hand at making a figure…NOT to perform with, just to learn first hand the ins and outs of the art. It’s a great book and I can’t imagine any vent oriented collection being without it. Great job, Mike! 

Kelly Asbury – Los Angeles, CA
Author & Animation director at Dreamworks Studios

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Mike has the best book I have ever seen on the subject and worth many times the asking price. His book is one that will reside on my bookshelf for a lifetime, that is when it is not on the workbench! It is the most detailed book and no nonsense.  Anyone that has not purchased Mike’s book is cheating themselves!”

Mark Adams – Newport, Rhode Island

“Dear Mike, ……Just letting you know that my copy of “Figure Making Can Be Fun” arrived today, and it exceeds expectations. Finally a good book on figure making. I can’t praise it enough. It is truly a landmark publication in Ventriloquism. Thanks a lot Mike. Best Regards” 

Darcy Brown – Victoria, Australia

“I checked my mail this morning and haven’t gotten all my Saturday morning chores done because your new figure making Book arrived. But aside from the chores, now I’m left with the words to choose to describe this really great COMPLETE book on the art of figure making. Outstanding!? Excellent!? Fantastic!? Incredible!? Well, let’s just go with all of the above, because it is! An outstanding volume on figure making Mike!  For any…., even remotely interested in figure making or just in knowing how figures work, and this book covers EVERYTHING – Mike’s book is more than worth what you’ll pay for it!!” 

Dave Boiano – Ft. Johnson, NY
Moderator of the vent figure e-mail list for many years.

Mike Brose has surely done it; written the definitive text on the biology of the ventfigure, hooves, lights, liver, the whole nine yards. His contribution will be the bible of figure construction for many years. Coster Joe, Lord Byron, Charlie (McCarthy), Danny (O’Day) and Jerry (Mahoney) will all be proud!” 

Peter Riley – Atlanta, GA

“I got my book this morning…. Can’t say enough about it. My only regret is that I have been waiting close to 45 years for a book like this and I hope I have enough time left to put it to good use. Way to go Mike!!! Hope you get plenty of orders……those lucky kids!!!” 

Arthur Martello – Halcottsville, NY

I just received my copy of Mike Brose’s new book and all I can say is WOW! Finally, a true MANUAL on figure making. If you have ever wanted to build a professional quality vent figure or even if you are just curious to see what is involved…. you NEED this book! At this price it is a real steal! There is stuff in it that you couldn’t pay me to show you..and now many secrets are yours for a pittance. It is a true “labor of love”, and many thanks from the vent community should go out to Mike Brose for the countless hours he has put into writing this manual. The methods outlined in this book are THE methods and “secrets” that builders of fine figures have known and used for years…with many methods featured that are not even known by many “builders” even today! These are the true methods used by myself and other builders of fine quality dummies. So, if you’re interested in building, repairing or just want to see how we do it, GET THIS BOOK!” 

Rick Price – Sacramento, CA – Well known figure maker

Note: Rick Price is no longer with us and is sorely missed! Mike Brose

“I just wanted to drop you a fast note to thank you for sending your book out so quickly. I received your book yesterday and I spent all day today reading it from cover to cover! What a joy to see a book of such quality! I appreciate your tremendous attention to detail. As well as the clarity of your instructions. Not only that, but you give the readers a variety of options depending on their previous knowledge. From a beginner to perhaps others who may have cast a head before. I personally have never seen such an instruction manual. Congratulations Michael!!! The Ventriloquist community should be very proud of you for putting together such a wealth of information. Anyway you should be proud of such fine work There are people that appreciate it now and I’m sure many, many, in the future! Thanks again!” 

Daniel James Summers – Las Vegas, NV

“Mike Brose’s book arrived at my house today. A wonderful book. A monumental achievement. This book will be known as the authoritative work on the subject. Anyone who is interested in building figures and doesn’t have this book is really missing out. The diagrams are great. Only trouble is now I don’t know which way to go. I want to try it all. Congratulations, Mike for such a crowning achievement.” 

Al Stevens – Cocoa, FL

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