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Classic 'cheeky' boy 'Fred'

Classic cheeky boy ‘Fred‘ is reminiscent of the classic figures of yesteryear, and yet his look is timeless. With his wise cracking personality, he is ready to charm any audience. And with a choice of blonde, brown, or auburn hair, and nine different eye colors to choose from, he can have just the look you want.

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Our Figures Feature

  • 38" professional size ventriloquist figure
  • Beautifully sculpted faces with great audience appeal
  • High quality self-centering side-to-side moving eyes
  • 9 Dazzling eye colors to choose from
  • Beautifully hand painted with subtle blending of highlights
  • Looks good from close up or far away
  • Headstick features ergonomically placed controls - easy to use!
  • Professionally sewn arms and legs - quality elbow and knee joints
  • Light weight, contoured cast body (very roomy inside!)
  • Head turns from side to side - tilts and nods - turns full 360°
  • Head, hands, body - cast of extremely durable urethane resin
  • High quality, unique head lock system. Easy to use!

$799 - Base Price - Pro Figure Sparky

Base Price Includes: moving mouth, side-to-side self-centering eyes, and head turns from side to side – tilts and nods – turns full 360°, and choice of right handed or left handed controls. Also includes choice of eye color and hair color.

Additional options

  • $250 - 2 Control Winkers (can wink each eye individually of both at same time)
  • $225 - 1 Control Blinkers (blink both eyelids at the same time; does not wink)
  • $175 - Raising Eyebrows (both eyebrows raise for a look of curiosity/surprise)
  • $39 - Basic Outfit (shirt and pants only)
9 Dazzling Eye Colors!
Our Superb Quality!

Customer Joe Simone says:

Great Attention To Detail And Perfection! Mike Brose built my figure exactly the way I had asked. When it arrived,I was completely blown away by the quality and craftsmanship! His experience and skill will amaze you! Great service to boot!” Joe Simone

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