Getting started. . . .

Sometimes the hardest part of any new venture is getting started! I’ve wanted to do a blog for some time and have had a million excuses (they’re easy and cheap to come up with) as to why I couldn’t start one yet. I finally decided it was a good idea and about time. I will try to post items of interest to figure makers, kit builders, and customers, and anything new at Puppets and Props that might be of interest. So hopefully you’ll join me in this journey and have some fun, or learn something new, along the way.

Mike Brose

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6 thoughts on “Getting started. . . .”

  1. i just letting you know my figure parts arrived today all okk now i will be able to start my build i will contact again if i get any probs or when completed if all goes ok im very excited ive had several figures over the years but never built my own . i started my vent carreer in 1952 yes a long time ago i suppose you could say i was proffessional until i retired 2005 senior citizen now im concentrating purely on entertaining my grandchildren

  2. I just discovered your blog yesterday. I have been following the Maher blog for a long time and enjoyed it a lot. Now I'm thrilled to see that you also have started a blog. It is real fun to read a professional dummy builder's blog posts, especially those with pictures of dummies and their mechanics.

    Everyday on my half hour long subway ride here in Oslo, Norway, I read the posts on all the blogs I am following (Newsrob on Android through Google Reader), and the ventriloquist section is what I read first. I am looking forward to follow your blog. Thank's again for sharing moments of your professional work, and providing such wonderful dummy parts.

  3. Hi Eivin. Thanks for following along on my blog. Nice to have you aboard! I will keep trying to have items of interest as time permits. Gotta spend some time building dummies too! (grin)

    Mike Brose

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