Our customers do some amazing stuff!

Sorry to be so long between blog posts. I see some light at the end of the tunnel here, but its still going to be crazy busy for a little while yet. No complaints. I realize I am very fortunate to be this busy.

I always enjoy hearing from customers and seeing what they have done. Customer and colleague, Rey Ortega sent me a nice email awhile back. I just haven’t had time to post this until now. Here’s what he said………

“Dear Mike and Cathy,

Hope all is well with you two.
Attached are pictures of my new figures, The Scat Cat and Duh Wayne, the partied out tourist using techniques from your book.
Thought you might like to share these with your customers.

All the best!

I’m always tickled when people tell me that my book has been of help to them. Of course, Rey is also very talented and that really shows in his finished work. Rey has also done a video diary of working on ‘Duh Wayne’ on Youtube:

Play Video

Great job done on these figures Rey! Thanks so much for sharing!! Keep in touch and let me know how it goes with your future figure making projects.

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