People kept asking, so……

Since ‘Sparky‘ was first introduced as a finished figure, we have had numerous requests to make him available for purchase as a quality kit head. We have listened to our customers and have made this a reality.

You can now purchase this top quality head casting with Sparky’s unique, premium sculpted face, which is brimming with personality, and make your own quality figure. You can read more about the ‘Sparky‘ head casting by clicking on the link below:

The Sparky head, as with all our head castings, is made with our unique head casting process. You can read more about that by clicking on the button below:

Kit includes the Sparky head, matching trap door, jaw with brass axle and easy install metal collars for positioning. I’ve also added some extra flanges inside this unique head for gluing in a pulley axle for a cord controlled jaw. So there are 3 sets of flanges (eye tray, jaw axle, and jaw pulley axle) already inside the head for solidly gluing these items in place.

Also, you don’t have to glue his ears in place. Even though Sparky has ears that stick out quite a bit (that’s part of his personality and fun look), I worked very hard at creating a special mold (core head molds are special to begin with) where the ears are cast as an integral part of the head casting. Because of this, they are rock solid and aren’t going anywhere!

That was a real challenge, but it was very important to me so I kept pushing myself until I got it down. Also, there are some pilot holes pre-drilled in the eyebrow area, so if you are going to install raising eyebrows, you don’t have to guess where to drill the holes.

So, take advantage of all my hard work (I do a lot of this to make my own figure making easier, but I know others appreciate it too!) and check out this new, way cool, Sparky head cast kit!

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5 thoughts on “People kept asking, so……”

  1. Sparky is such a great character. Having made a Fred head as my very first figure, I know how helpful it is to have head made with your core mold process. Folks are gonna love this, Mike.

  2. Gee Larry. I can't figure out why you would have any interest in the Sparky figure. Just kidding! Your original concept art made for a great character. Oh yeah. That's what you do! Character creation. Imagine that!

  3. anybody ever tell you that you're a wise acre? (somehow, I'm guessing Cathy has, more than once! ;)…) heh heh heh. The Sparkster is lookin' good Mikey. You really did a beautiful job on this little guy. Proud to be a part of the process!!!

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