Cast Eyeballs 1.375 Inch (35mm)


E-1375HQ – 1.375 inch (35mm) High Quality Eyes (1 pair) – Includes 1 pair of 1.375 inch (35mm) High Quality Eyes with your choice of eye color. See color chart photo to help with choosing eye color. Brief instructions included. You can also add the optional brass pivot tubes.  See note in the description below.

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These are our 1.375 inch (35mm) Cast Dummy Eyeballs with a choice of 9 dazzling colors. These eyes fit our Old Guy heads very nicely. If you will be installing winker shells in our Old Guy head it is best to order the  1.25 inch (32mm) eyes and the 1.25 winker shells.  (For Fred, Little ‘E’, Sparky, Skippy, see our listing for the 1.5 inch (38mm) eyes as that is the size that fits best for those heads)

Note: You can order these eyeballs with or without brass pivot tubes installed.  All of our eye tray kits come with brass pivot tubes, and will automatically be installed (at no extra cost) when ordering eyes and eye tray kit together. So if you order eyes and an eye tray on the same order, there is no need to add the optional brass pivot tubes. If you have any questions, please contact us.

All of our cast dummy eyeballs come standard with a recessed top area. This is especially important if you will be installing winkers. With a recess in the top of these eyes the winker shell will move smoothly over the eyeball without any interference. Eyeballs from other suppliers most likely do not have this unique feature.

Our cast Ventriloquist Dummy Eyeballs are of top quality. These High Quality cast dummy eyeballs are highly resistant to yellowing over time. These are the same exact High Quality eyeballs that pro ventriloquist figure maker Mike Brose makes his high quality figures from, so you know they are well made.

More people have successfully built their own figure with cast parts from Puppets and Props than from any other source, as Mike Brose’s Cast Dummy Parts are the easiest to build a figure from.  See our Cast Dummy Parts testimonials pages.  With over 40 years experience with mold making, casting and fabrication work, Mike’s unique processes create dummy parts that are unmatched in durability and quality that you can see. 

Cast Dummy Parts Instructions

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Brass Pivot Tubes

No Brass Pivot Tubes, Brass Pivot Tubes Installed

Eye Color

Red Brown, Regular Brown, Hazel, Deep Blue, Light Blue, Gray Blue, Deep Green, Light Green, Sea Foam