Skippy Cast Dummy Head


K-136 – ‘Skippy’ 3T Head Casting. Includes unfinished cast head (not painted), trap door, jaw (with brass axle) & brief instructions. Does not include wig, paint, eyes, controls or any other mechanics.  Unfinished head casting only!

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This is Skippy‘. He is Sparky’s younger brother. If you look closely, Skippy’s lower lip is unfurled (a normal looking lower lip) compared to his older brother Sparky (who has a furled, pouty looking lower lip that sticks out which is a big part of Sparky’s personality).  This is a top quality head casting with Skippy’s unique, premium sculpted face, which is brimming with personality.

Cast from high quality urethane resin same as used by most top figure makers. These are the same exact castings that pro ventriloquist figure maker Mike Brose makes his high quality figures from, so you know they are well made.

More people have successfully built their own figure with cast parts from Puppets and Props than from any other source, as Mike Brose’s Cast Dummy Parts are the easiest to build a figure from.  See our Cast Dummy Parts testimonials pages.  With over 40 years experience with mold making, casting and fabrication work, Mike’s unique processes create dummy parts that are unmatched in durability and quality that you can see. 

This head casting is size 3T which means that it is for a figure that will be about 38 inches tall (will work for a 40 inch tall figure as well).

Cast Dummy Parts Instructions

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