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“Mike, I attached some photos of me and my new friend. Everyone is amazed at the work you did. Thank you again and I will for sure get my next one from you as wellRobert Bruce”

 Robert is a professional photographer. Check out his website:


Pat Gray writes: “My 13 year old grand nephew (Brent) is in love with your SPARKY. He was recently diagnosed with Crohns/Colitis as well as Cystic Fibrosis. After more than a year of failing health, and as you can imagine life is pretty tough for him, but he has Faith and a great fighting spirit. This puppet would go a long way to making his life more bearable. He is dreaming of learning all about the art and going back to Portland, Maine’s Barbara Bush Medical Center to talk to newly diagnosed kids with these diseases, using Sparky. Pat writes after Sparky arrives…. INCREDIBLE……, Sparky arrived today and he is fabulous. Being the optimist that I am I expected a lot but couldn’t have imagined anything so perfect. You are amazing, you and that lady friend of yours! Here are “the first encounter” photos, they are priceless and they say it all! Thank you so very much. Pat, Brent and Wilson (a.k.a. Sparky)

Here he is. I feel so proud. If you need a puppet, then Puppets and Props is the place and Mike is just the man for the job! Thanks Mike for Quality! Brian Carpenter  (Beaverton, Oregon)

I got her (Ember), and she is perfect…. better then perfect, she is fantastic. I will enjoy her for years. Thank you for your wonderful artistry. She is great. Thanks soooo much. Best wishes. Judy McKinnon (Canada)

Customer John Foster says:

“Hi Mike…, just received (O.G.) Hargrove figure this afternoon. He is awesome- wonderful quality. I like his slightly reddish completion; quite natural since “Gus” is a local farmer. It will take me a while to “get to know him” and to bring him to his full potential, as I have been use to using a more cartoonish figure with only mouth movement. Congratulations on a fine piece of work! All the best, John Foster”

I don’t know where to begin…. Sparky is perfect. Mike, I can’t think of enough superlatives to describe your work. Everything, I mean , everything is done to perfection. The controls are wonderful. Also the head lock is great. Your lock is so sophisticated in design, but simple to use. The hair, eyes & makeup (paint) are also terrific. I really appreciate all you’ve done for me & will certainly recommend your work. Not only perfection, but price is so reasonable. Many, many, thanks Mike ! …as “they” say…” you’re the go to man Sincerely, Bob Issacson

“I received Max (who is a retired airline pilot!) today and am really pleased with him. As soon as I feel confident enough to do a short video routine, I will be glad to forward it to you. Also, please feel free to use Max (or Max AND me) any way you choose on your web site, or wherever else you want. We will both be proud to represent you any way we can! Thanks again Mike, great job! Larry Bailey”

“Hi Mike !  I just had to drop you a line to thank you once again for sending those sneer pics of Woodlie! I’ve been looking at them and smiling with delight. Those teeth and the way you cut the sneer lines along cheek creases, you can’t even tell he has the sneer when it isn’t in use!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!!!!! I know I will be so satisfied with him. Also, I love the way your shop is so clean and organized and I can tell you are fussy and pay close attention to detail. All of these things were the reason I chose you to create my main figure and star of my act …Woodlie J. Hawkins…AKA “Fred” Talk to you soon, Joe Simone”    Note from Mike Brose: This Fred with the upper lip sneer was a ‘One of a Kind’, special favor for a friend (and customer) Joe Simone. I am not currently taking any orders for figures with an upper lip sneer.

“Peter (my husband) came in to tell me ‘there’s a package on the doorstep and a voice inside keeps saying “get me the (heck) out of here”‘.  Li’l Petey (as I’m calling him, but as yet officially unnamed) had a voice, fully formed, before he was out of the box. Actually, to quote li’l Petey, “I have a name, you just don’t know it yet”. Our eldest has taken to him right away, calling him Nigel and bringing him things to look at. Our daughter, our youngest, was at first giving him evil side-eyes and tears, but soon deigned to give him a fist bump and a hand shake. Our younger son has not yet dared to get too close, offering Li’l Petey a chance to observe the antics of a curious, yet cautious three year old, and make witticisms. Your beautiful work is worth waiting for. Thanks so much, Charlotte Marsh” (Australia).

Finished Figures Testimonials