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“Mike just wanted to let you know that Sparky arrived home safely about two hours ago. He is currently resting on the couch. Sparky has also upon arrival texted severl close family members expressing how anxious he is to meet them. Sunday dinner is always a fun gathering with our children and grandchildren. Tyler (in the photo) is my Grandson. His dad is a full time fire fighter. Tyler wants to be a fire fighter as well. Sparky likes to volunteer when he has time. Sparky is great and exceeded my expectations. Thanks Mike!”

“I would like to say thank you for all your time, patience and effort, he truly is a work of art, he is all that I hoped for and more, he exceeded my expectations and I honestly don’t know where to begin to express my gratitude, I am at a loss for words. Once again thank you so much and I am hoping we can do business again in the near future as I do believe the little guy whom I have named ‘Otis Cadby Hargrove’ needs a playmate, maybe someone a bit younger such as Eddie. Cheers Mike and all the best to you and your family. Greg Coleiro”

“Stella arrived yesterday and she is BEYOND my expectations and I am thoroughly pleased with her…YOU sir are an artist…it is an amazing piece of work and I can tell you take great pride in your work. Thanks again and I may be ordering another one in the future. My Best to you and Cathy! Paul Mc Carthy”

“We picked Sparky up from the post office today. I wanted to tell you that he looks and works great! I could not be more pleased. You are a true artist. He was worth the wait. You have absolutely gone beyond my expectations. I am very happy to have found you both in my pursuit of a ventriloquist figure. Again, thank you both (Mike and Cathy). If you ever need me to provide a reference or feedback regarding my experience, please do not hesitate to ask me. With regards, Frank Conenna”

Customer Danett Caryer says:

“Eddie is every thing I have ever dreamed of and more, you’ve done a perfect job. He seem’s so real, I love him, you are so blessed to have the talent you have. I just wanted to say THANK YOU!  You made a 50 year old lady’s childhood dream come true and I am sure we will make a lot of people happy together, young and old. Thanks again. You and your wife are wonderful people. Take care and God bless you both! Danett Caryer”

“Hi Mike…, he just arrived! He looks awesome!! It will sure take some practice working all the levers. My ‘Jack Russells’ either want to play with him or kill him, I’ll have to find a good hiding place. Job well done! Thanks, Mark Rowe”

The bus pulled up in front of the house yesterday and Biff hopped off. He surveyed the neighborhood and deemed it a decent place to live. He has demanded his own bedroom with a lock on the door (inside) and cable separate from the house service – I didn’t ask why. He ordered a pizza but unfortunately the only number he had was for a pizza joint in Tucson. He’s having it shipped via FedEx. I hope it is still warm when it gets here. The timing of his arrival is perfect. All the background checks from the FBI, CIA, NSA, MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL and FTD have been approved. The last one was needed due to his being a flower child back in the 60’s. He looks great Mike, thanks so much for your superb craftsmanship. He was definitely worth the wait. I may be pushing 68…, but I feel like a kid in the candy store again! Brad Creamer

“Hi Mike. So Eddie has arrived. He is incredibly beautiful. I have the photographer here next week, and I will send a picture to you. Thank you for the wonderful work! Best regards, Nicklas Berg”

 Follow up: Nicklas sent us a promo photo with him and Eddie. It looks like they will be performing on TV in Denmark! Cool! Nicklas performs ventriloquism and magic. 

“My friend (Bud) has come home and really enjoys working with me. You have done a fantastic job. I’m really happy and grateful for everything you have done for me. Sincerely, Rashad Abdelkader” (Sweden)

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