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“Hi Mike. I’m enclosing a couple pictures of my “friend” I made from your cast parts. It took me a long time to get my head around the mechanical aspects but after studying your book it finally made sense and I’m happy with the results. I was hoping you would post the pictures on your testimonial page. Her name is Lola Zadoinka [she’s Irish]. I would like to add that the reason I made my own was I couldn’t find any adult female vent figures [with cleavage] for sale. Also, she will be looking for singing gigs some time next year. Thanks again for your generous feedback. Thanks, Cindy Reynolds”

My experience with your products and services has been nothing short of amazing.The instructions were clear and easy to follow. Both figures required a minimum of preparation, and the fit of the jaws was very close. I used a lot of brass fittings for the workings and made them as adjustable as possible to ensure a quiet and reliable mechanism. Carson took about three weeks of evenings to complete, and “little C” took only two. (I guess I learned a little) I would recommend all of your products to anyone regardless of skill level. I look forward to your future offerings and enjoyed my building experience. Mark Garrett

“This is my first time building a ventriloquist figure. I bought the Fred head, eyes, hands, body and book. I re-sculpted the head using Magic Sculp. It took me a few months to get him looking the way he does. My dad installed the mechanics. He has self-centering eyes and a moving mouth. I’m very proud of myself. I never imagined I could do a sculpt like this. My Mom, Dad, and I consider Rodney to be part of the family. I’m really looking forward to performing with him.  I’d recommend it to anyone wanting to build their own ventriloquist figure. Thank you Mike for making these kits. Because of you I was able to make my dream ventriloquist figure. Billy Sobe

“Using the castings from Puppets and Props has been fantastic. I cannot say enough about the quality of these kits. Up until finding out about Mike and his web site, I had always dreamt of building my own Ventriloquist figure. With these wonderful Brose castings, my dream has become a reality! Figure building for me has always been a daunting task up until I read Mike’s informative and essential book, “Figure Making Can Be fun.” A big thank you goes out to you, Mike! It was so nice of you to take the time to answer my questions during my project. As for my figure, Randall, I chose to give him self-centering eyes, a Marshall inspired paint job, and shell blinkers. As a result, I absolutely love using this figure! I cannot wait to order more castings from you and wish you the best, Mike! Regards, Ken Souza & Randall”

Customer Marcelo Melison says:

“I just came from the post office to pick up the heads… I’m speechless! They are absolutely beautiful! I love them! Thank you so so so very much! I will share photos with you once my first figure is completed. Thanks again! Marcelo “

Hi Mike. Here is Star finished. I’ve attached several photos of her. Thanks for all your help… Mike…. Now its time to try to keep my mouth shut when Star speaks. Best Regards,  Dan Lashin

I can’t remember having so much fun with a project (you’re right–it won’t be my last)! It was due in very large part to your (and your wife’s) artistry and craftsmanship in producing (cast parts) of the highest quality. Thank you! I’ve enclosed some photos of my guy (not named yet). Not the greatest camera work, but you can see what I ended up with. I’m proud of it! Your book, the photos from your web site, and Al Stevens’ article covered it all so well, there was very little guess work. I took my time, experimented, used mock-ups, and repainted the access cover 6 times before getting the colors I thought would work.  Thanks again for your great work, Mike. Patrick Thompson

    This Fred was assembled by the special effects experts at ‘The Character Shop’ who does many high tech animatronic special effects for commercials and movies. Customer ‘Rick Lazzarini’ says:  “Most of the movements were radio controlled: Head turn, torso turn, jaw, eyes side/side, blinks, and brow moves. These moves were split up among two transmitters and puppeteers. A third person operated the cable-controlled body up/down, and a fourth did arm/hand movements via rod control. So, thank you for producing such a high quality product, and being so quick and helpful. I now have my own pro style vent figure! (Don’t worry, I didn’t re-sell the modified figure to them; I own it.) Thanks again for everything!”  Rick Lazzarini – President, The Character Shop

    “I never would have attempted this project without Mike’s amazing head kit. The forethought, quality and years of experience really showed through in the finished product. In just a little over a week, I was able to transform his kit into a wonderful high-end figure (I have named him Logan). If you have any reservations about building your own figure, you can set those aside. Mike thought of every minor detail for you. I know you will have as much fun as I did bringing one of his kits to life. I would highly recommend his products and services to anyone!!!” Darrell Patt – Montgomery, IL  

Cast Parts Testimonials