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Customer Comments

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    “Mike, Clinton Detweiler took me through his shop in Colorado in the early 1980s and that’s when I got the bug. Clinton said that I was fortunate as few ever had the privilege. We made composition figures in those days from wood putty but yours are far superior and much more durable. Attached are pictures of a couple of your cast heads. The redhead is one of my wife Mary.  Little Mary sits on my knee and tells me everything I like to hear (kinda like when we were courting 43 years ago). The dark figure is Hispanic and recently received amnesty. Her name is Taco Belle and she now lives in North Carolina. Thanks for bringing out the kid in us.”  Greg Pierce – Arkansas/Louisiana

    “Hello Mike, Thanks for getting “Sparky” and parts to us, we got it done! Michael is raving about your components and what a joy they were to work with, unlike some of the others we have tried. Pictures of Michael and Butch (as we have renamed him) are included with this email. Hope everything is okay with you and your family. We wish you well.” Regards, Toby (and Michael) Fisher

    “Finally finished my kit a couple of months ago. I learned so much from this project I can’t begin to tell you. The construction of the figure was one area of learning. More important to me was the mental focus and creative outlet your kit provided me. Your products are really wonderful and have helped me create something I’ve thought about for a long, long, time. From my communications with you I can tell that you are one quality individual and I would not hesitate to business with you again. Thank you.” Regards, Brian Tiernan

    “Hi Mike. Harry here from Edinburgh (UK). Your parts for making dolls are what I have been looking for since 1996. I used all kinds of materials over the years, but you have come up with the best idea. Many thanks.” Harry Kidd

Customer Greg Pierce says:

    “I purchased both of your books, and then your Fred head, eye tray, eyes, blinkers, arms and body. Prior to this build, I constructed three other 2T characters. I just want to say that the design, fabrication and quality of your products is far superior to all that I have purchased from other vendors. Far, far superior! Thank you, you’re a fine craftsman!! Dick Buechler”

    “Just finished putting the final touches on “Flik”! After all your input and guidance on my Marshall restoration, I had to get your cast parts to make a figure the way I wanted. With the help of your book and Al Stevens’ tutorial – it was a snap! Flik has a 360* turnning head, slot jaw mouth, side to side self centering eyes and, shell blinkers. I was able to make all the eye movement work with one brass rod! The blinkers were made with ping pong balls (a lot easier than I ever imagined)! I also learned that Magic Sculpt can be your best friend if you want to do a major facelift……Fliks entire face was resculpted except for his chin. He was hand painted using artists oils, and I built a wooden body…, again following the directions in your book. I had so much fun with this project that I can’t wait to build another one, and another one! I don’t think I could EVER have afforded to buy a finished pro figure of this quality. Thank YOU Michael for such a wonderful product!” Eric Riggs

I bought 2 sets of castings from you about 2 months ago. Here are some pictures of Professor Hoodwink. My first figure. He’s an affable sort who claims to know a little something about everything. Your book is really wonderful and was of tremendous help. I made his shell blinkers out of the preformed clear packaging from a set of ping pong balls. They work great! His hair was applied to a thin skull cap made out of Magic Sculp and is removable for maintenance. I did alter his features to get the look of an older fella. His fez and glasses I also made by hand. I had a few set backs along the way but enjoyed every moment. Al Rosson

What a phenomenal kit! I have found a new hobby I can enjoy in my own home. I spent roughly 4 hours a night for 2 weeks to complete the job. I hope to order my next kit very soon. Thanks again for a quality product! Sincerely, Kirk Wickizer (Kirk says about his second figure……) This was the funnest project! I call him Herman Nostrilli. This one took me a full three weeks to complete. He has raising eyebrows like my last one (Jeffrey). I spring load the eyeball lever so when I pull down it activates the brows. This keeps my levers down to two which will accommodate right or left handers. Again I want to thank you Mike for prompt delivery and a dependable, quality product. If I could just improve my skills as a ventriloquist I could make a few bucks without selling him! Thanks, Kirk Wickizer

Cast Parts Testimonials