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Making a ventriloquist figure using the Mike Brose Sparky casting was a simple and rewarding experience. The quality and attention to detail surpassed my expectations. The kit is simple enough that a beginner can create a professional figure with a little work, and versatile enough that a experienced builder can customize and make it a totally new work of art. This is the third ventriloquist figure I’ve built, and I’m proud of the results. Using the Fred Project as a guide, as well as Mike’s book Figure Making can be Fun?!? as well as drawing upon my past experiences, this build came together professionally and in a reasonable amount of time. It was an absolute joy to work with and I look forward to future builds using products. Thanks again, Jeff Duckworth

“Hello Mike. Here is a picture of “Shasa”. She was built from your “E” head cast and your body parts. She has self-centering moving eyes and an Afro American paint job and wig. I’ve never built a figure before, but your book “Figure Making Can be Fun” made it easy! I love Shasa and building her was fun indeed! Thanks Mike.” Darrell Trammell – Chicago Illinois

“Mike….. It’s been a long time since I finished my figure with your kit, but here is a picture of me and Vic completed. Feel free to use it as an example of what can be done with imagination and hard work using one of your fantastic kits. Mary Ann Taylor made the arms from my drawings and specifications. I painted the tattoos myself and did the artwork on the shirt as well. I am very proud of my new figure.” John Wayne Peel

“The Fred figure castings are like a blank canvas for an artist. It is easy to shape, contour or add to the figure. As you can see I changed the eyes, cheeks, jaw, lips, eye brows and ears using apoxie sculpt, sand paper and a dremel tool. Super easy to work on and mistakes were easy to correct as well. Your book and Al Stevens web site were great resources. I took a different approach on the mechanics. Although he has only a moving jaw I kept both the eye tray and the jaw removable so I can change things and make adjustments or additions down the line. (Maybe blinkers, crossing eyes and a stick out tongue!) I plan on making my next figure for and with my son Jacob. Thanks for a great kit! I have always wanted a full sized professional vent figure and now I have one. Sincerely, Scott Brekken”

Customer Greg Pierce says:

“The Cast Dummy Parts arrived today. Thanks. I can’t wait to get started. I’ve built composition figures for years but your castings are the best I’ve ever seen. They sure beat those other guys. Almost all my grand kids have figures sitting in their rooms. Maybe one of them will get them talking someday. Thanks again and I’m sure I will reorder soon. Greg Pierce”

“Just wanted to let you see the first dummy I built using your kit. And thank you for the great customer service! If he is good enough to use in your testimonials, go ahead and put him up on your site.”

Nick Yannotti

“Hi Mike….. I am sending a couple of photo’s of my finished figure. His name is Hugo Fitch. The cast head and hands I bought from you are fantastic. I also found your book ‘Figure Making Can Be Fun’ to be of immense help. I was constantly referring to it through the whole process. I originally filed off the eyelids with the intention of putting blinking eye lids in, but changed my mind. I found when I was resculpting the eyelids that the material the casting is made from was very easy to work with. I intend to make another figure with your Little ‘E’ casting in the near future. Thanks again.” Mark Jones. United Kingdom.

Mike, first let me say that you are by far the most friendly and professional ventriloquist figure builder that I have had the pleasure of meeting. I always appriciate your quick and honest replies to any questions, and your products are top quality. I was so impressed with the detail and quality workmanship that goes into each and every head cast. The included mouth piece and brass rod (with metal collars), along with the custom fit eye tray, and the eyes that you make, made putting together a professional ventriloquist figure a breeze! Thank you so much for your amazing talent, and your quality dummy parts. I really enjoyed putting my “Sparky” figure (now named Rocky Ringo) together and I really like the finished figure that I was able to create thanks to your help. I have included some pictures for you if you would like to post them. Your friend, Dan ‘Montana Dan’ Leighly

“Hi Mike. How are you? Here’s some new pics of Chester, I repainted him with a Marshall type paint job. The paint job shows the re-sculpt better. I didn’t really care for the other paint job I gave him before. What do you think? I’ll be buying more heads from you soon. Maybe I’ll even try the Little ‘E’. For Christmas my parents bought me a sandblasting box. I’m going to mod it so I can do all the cutting and sanding in it. I have so many ideas for new figures and ways to sculpt. Take care.” Billy Sobe

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