Winker Mechanics book – In Print!

Sorry to be so long between posts! I had some health issues that got a bit serious, slowed me way down, got me behind in everything, and I finally ended up in the hospital and had a surgical procedure. Doing much better now.

Well the title of this post is fairly self explanatory. My popular book, ‘Winker Mechanics Can Be Fun?!?’ is now available in hard copy. Some people like PDF Ebooks just fine. Others want a full printed version. Some like having both, as my other figure making book has been for some time now. (Note: the PDF version of our books have been discontinued.)

In any case, my ‘Winker Mechanics Can Be Fun?!?’ can now be purchased as a full color (inside and out), quality printed soft cover book. I have to say, it is very nice! Here’s a shot of the cover:

The digital age is incredible. I sent all of the digital information of the complete book to my printer on a Wednesday, and on Friday I received the ‘proof’ copy of my book in the mail! Awesome! I reviewed it completely just to make sure that all was okay, made some changes, and submitted the final draft ready to publish. The printed book can now be ordered on Amazon. For more info click on the button below:

Well just a short post for now to let you know I’m still alive as well as announce the printed version of my winker book. I will try to post more often now that I’m feeling better. Thanks to all who subscribe and read my blog!

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