Winker Mechanisms Can Be Fun?!?

Yeah, I know. You must think I’m crazy if I think winker mechanisms can be fun! Actually there is a real good reason for the title of this blog post. Long before I ever had my blog going, I had talked to many aspiring figure makers across the country and around the world, and found that there are many who are VERY interested in the subject of winker mechanics. The reason? They can be quite the challenge, both to beginning and experienced figure makes alike!

And since starting this blog, I have gotten a lot of private response about my posts on blinkers as well. Particularly I’ve found the most interest in shell winker mechanisms. They take the most precision, and it doesn’t take much in the way of errors to have a poor or non-functioning winker mechanism, even after a lot of hard work! How does a professional figure maker handle these challenges? I know when I was first learning, I surely wanted to know.

How does one make a successful mechanism each and every time? Making a living full time as a figure maker for a number of years, and installing quality winker mechanism on a daily or weekly basis, I’ve had to learn how to do that or starve. (grin) So over time I’ve developed some sure fire ways to consistently create precise winker mechanics. After giving it much thought, I’ve decided to share my techniques in a brand new 98 page book specifically on shell winker mechanics.

If you think 98 pages is a lot on just the subject of shell winker mechanics, it is! That’s because this is really an in-depth book with numerous, full size, large, clear photos of all the different steps involved. I think you will be amazed at the detail. And I think you will be pleased with how much information is in this one volume.

So if you’ve ever struggled with shell winker mechanics before, or have put off trying it because you thought it was too difficult, or you just want more quality information to improve what you are currently doing, this new in-depth book on the subject should help a lot! Click button below to read more about it:

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10 thoughts on “Winker Mechanisms Can Be Fun?!?”

  1. mail and am waiting to buy, I'm anxious because I'm ill but want to make friends for me a couple of kids who can not talk to me and go away and grow growth

  2. What a great purchase this book has been for for me. Mike clears up a lot of gray areas of winker mechanics. He runs your through each process step by step with great detail. He aslo encourages you to be creative and try differnt things, which i appreciate. After reading I definetly have a gameplan for my next project.
    Please please write more ebooks!

  3. No worries. We do fine either way. Be easiest and fastest to get it from Amazon and get the discount. But thank you for asking first. Much appreciated!

    Mike Brose

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